CanadianAllStar Edit

Loves RexStrider the most, but is also fond of AzzAlane. Fave quote " BLAAAAAAAAAACKSTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRR"

Idiotwithajob Edit

Is in charge of this wiki.

Louie's biggest fan.

The best cheerleader.

Twonky5555 Edit

AKA Twinkie Donkey.

MathGeek314 Edit

Is a childhhod cancer survior.

Made a unique Mario Maker Level for AzzAlane, Ant and Rex to play for Extra Life.

SevenHarmon Edit

Very helpful and supportive.

Loves Zelda, but not Zelda 2.

Heimdiggs Edit

Made the level TXKHotsauce Favies on Mario Maker. Course ID: 0b5b-0000-005b-3bcf  

ChadWSmith78 Edit

Likes Louie's story about Kapi's name.  

Was the first to enter the Toad Amiibo Giveaway. 

Is an all around good guy.