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From his official bio.

Louie is AzzAlane's younger brother.

According to CanadianAllStar, Louie has the best beard in North America.

Louie is known as the TXK Investor.

Owner(?) of The Beard.

Louie... A man with a plan and day to day adventures with his epic beard. with the almighty powers of a wizard and the swagger of a Kanye west, Louie's powers are only overshadowed by has increasingly epic strength beard. no man knows the true strength of Louie's beard because no being on this or any planet has the tenacity to begin to even test its might.... could he be the savior prophesied by the Mayans?....many believe it is in the Bhagavad Gita his beard reveals its true form and says "now i have become death destroyer of worlds"...he is the chosen one

Recently scientist started to do experiments on Louies beard to try and solve the riddle of the big bang theory. The results are inconclusive because the greatness of louies beard eclipses the magnitude of the big bang. many scientist have drawn the conclusion that there is actually a black hole in the center of the beard which results in it having its own gravitational pull.. and which explains why all mankind is drawn and infatuated with said beard.. ...i am afraid with current technology we will not begin to solve the anomaly that is louies beard... we havent even began to scratch the surface

Quotes Edit

TXKLouie: i am tehe best character