From his official bio.

He can dislocate his shoulders.

If you try to get him to give you a high five, he will high five your hand with both of his and announce "Grilled Cheese".

His full name is Anthony J Swanson, despite his birth certificate and all other id saying otherwise.

He makes AzzAlane and Louie behave on stream.

Legend tells of a time when the Ant was the shortest creature in the land. All about him towered like gods to the heavens and left him in the dust of earth. In this time Ant was known as "Short-Round," despite not being round or remotely like the Indiana Jones character. This legend can only be legend, for one day he rose to the height of giants. But he will always be Short-Round.

Ant once had a pet mongoose. He named it Mongoose. It was invisible, a truly rare breed. But now, if you ask him of his friend Mongoose, he will smile, sadly, and look away, often in the direction of Texarkana. If you are quick, you may catch the single tear he sheds. It can cure cancer, heartache, and gingivitis. He will not reveal to you the fate of Mongoose, but he will laugh. "The Rocket Launcher's awesome," he will say. You will be confused, but you will nod. You will see the darkness in Ant's heart, and you will wish to see no more of that sorrowful abyss of ennui.

Ant molests doors and doesn't believe AzzAlane will put things on the Wiki.